We bring together the expertise of some of Ontario's best Forestry Professionals
to offer services that will meet and exceed your expectations.


Forests are complex ecosystems - professional assistance and the right information can help landowners make the best decisions about the care and management of their forests.
Lands & Forest Consulting is called upon every day by Municipalities, Private Landowners and Special Interest Groups to develop a unique woodlot management plan that will assist our clients in accomplishing their wildlife, environmental and other forest management goals.

Timber Marking Services

By taking advantage of the timber marking and marketing services provided by Lands & Forests Consulting, our clients receive the best possible price for their timber and rest assured knowing that their wood lot will be properly logged.

Tree Planting Services

Planting trees has many benefits, our staff will inspect your property and make recommendations on tree species and quantity for your planting project. Lands and Forests Consulting is a planting agent for Trees Ontario. Large tree planting subsidy's are available.

Fire Management

Fire plays a major role in the survival of many vegetation types around the world, The extensive tracts of tallgrass prairie and oak savanna that existed in southern Ontario in pre-European times owed their survival to fire. Today there are only small remnants of tallgrass prairie and savanna remaining in southern and northwestern Ontario, but regular burns are still required to maintain these endangered plant communities. Lands & Forests Consulting has initiated their forestry expertise and professional prescribed burn experience into an integral prescribed burn service. This applies prescribed burn in ecological, silvicultural and wildlife management restoration applications.


A little bit about our team and what they do.


Jesse Henrich,
Registered Professional Forester

Jesse has been a valued employee of Lands & Forests Consulting since 2006. Jesse purchased the company in 2015 and now oversees all operations. Jesse personally coordinates the tree marking division of L&FC on private and corporate woodlots, Grey and Bruce County forests and Conservation Authority properties. Jesse is also responsible for private woodlot management, tree marking prescriptions and assessments.
As a Planting Development Agent for the Forests Ontario 50 Million Tree Program, Jesse supervises tree planting and spraying crews. Jesse has personally planted over 250, 000 trees and overseen the planting of half a million more.
As a Managed Forest Plan Approver, Jesse develops personalized forest management plans for many private landowners taking part in the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP). He takes part in the prescribed burns completed by L&FC across southern Ontario as an SP-100 trained wildland fire fighter.

Education & Certifications

Honors Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Lakehead University
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental and Resource Studies, Trent University
Ontario Registered Professional Forester
Ontario Certified Tree Marker
Managed Forest Plan Approver (MFTIP)
Ontario Forestry Exterminator
Ontario Certified Chainsaw Operator

Eleanor Reed,
Operations Manager
Registered Professional Forester

As operations manager for Lands & Forests’ Orillia Office, Eleanor is responsible for tree marking and private woodlot sales. Eleanor carries out forest management planning for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program in the County of Simcoe, the City of Kawartha Lakes and the Regions of Haliburton and Muskoka. Eleanor has completed many Managed Forest Tax Incentive Plans developing unique and comprehensive woodlot plans that will meet each landowner’s personal goals and objectives.
As a Planting Development Agent for the Forests Ontario 50 Million Trees Program Eleanor has planned and planted nearly a million trees on private properties in Simcoe County, Durham Region and Kawartha Lakes. As part of the Lands & Forests Prescribed Burning Team, Eleanor works for the recovery of endangered habitat throughout Ontario by applying fire in ecological, silvicultural and wildlife restoration applications. Eleanor is a member of the Ontario Woodlot Association, the Carden Field Naturalists, and the local Maple Syrup Producers Association. She has been on the organizing team for the Kawartha Woodlot Conference for many years.

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Science in Forestry, University of Toronto, 1983
Ontario Registered Professional Forester, 1989
Province of Ontario Certified Tree Marker, 2001
Managed Forest Plan Approver (MFTIP), 1998
Planting Delivery Agent, 50 Million Trees Program, 2008


Adam Taylor

Adam has been with Lands & Forests Consulting from the start. His father, Dave Taylor founded the company in 1997. In the early days of L&FC, when the company performed small scale White Pine plantation thinning, Adam was on the cutting crew. Adam tallied for his father and the tree marking crew and soon began marking himself.
He got his S-100 certification and spent 3 years fighting forest fires in Northern Ontario for the MNR. The skills Adam obtained fighting wildfires made him a perfect fit for the L&FC prescribed burn team, a position that is still near and dear to his heart.
Emerald Ash Borer injections, tree planting and maintaining L&FC’s equipment are just a few of the jobs Adam does annually.


DJ Kamrath

DJ started at Lands & Forests Consulting in the spring of 2015 as a member of the hand planting crew. A graduate of Fleming College’s Forest Technician program, DJ jumped head-first into the industry as a timber cruiser in BC.
DJ was born and raised in Grey County so he jumped at an opening at L&FC, which happened to be a stone’s throw from his family home. He is part of our hand planting crew in the spring and he does our tree planting survival assessments and tree marking in the summer and fall. When he isn’t at L&FC you can find him blazing trails on his family woodlot or getting ready for hunting season.


Fish and Wildlife Technician, Fleming College, 2013
Forestry Technician, Fleming College, 2014
Chainsaw Certification, 2014
Bear Wildlife Safety Awareness, 2013
SP-102, Forest Industry Wildland Firefighting, 2014


Perry Jantzi

Perry came to Lands & Forests Consulting in 2012. He has had a deep connection with the forest his whole life. From cutting firewood in his parent’s woodlot as a young man to horse-logging professionally for almost a decade, Perry brought a new and interesting perspective to the tree marking crew.
Perry was one of three founders of Deer Creek Logging, which was often regarded as the one honest logging company in the county. His thirst for knowledge and love of the forest brought him to Lands & Forests Consulting where he apprenticed under Dave Taylor. Perry is now the foreman of our tree marking crew. In the spring, Perry leads our hand-planting crew where he out-plants people half his age on a daily basis.


Jason Sickel

Jason is the Fire Boss for the Lands & Forests Consulting prescribed burn crew. Jason has 9 years experience as a Wildland Firefighter with the MNR where he attained the Fire Boss level 3 classification. He graduated from the Firefighting Tactics and Emergency Procedures program at Georgian College. He has 4 years Structural Firefighting experience with the City of Barrie as a 1 st Class Firefighter. He is also a trainer/instructor in Wildland Firefighting Strategies and Tactics and a Shift Training Instructor for Open Water/Ice Rescue and Technical Rope Rescue.

Patricia Kress

Pat has been with Lands & Forests Consulting since 1998. The unsung hero of the office, Pat handles all administrative affairs, including customer relations, the private woodlot catalogue, tree planting site plan submissions and MFTIP applications. Three offices, thousands of acres marked, hundreds of prescribed burns and over a million trees planted… Pat has seen it all.

Debbie Lester

Debbie came to Lands & Forests in the summer of 2016 when our beloved Charlotte retired. Debbie provides clerical and administrative support and is affectionately known around the office as Mama D. She is also our bookkeeper and paycheque dispenser.