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Aerial Imagery

Our Partnership

Drone It is an aerial photography and modeling company from Grey County Ontario. Lands and Forests Consulting and Drone It work together to create imagery that fits your needs.  Whether you're getting a pit compliance report, forest tax incentive plan, woodlot assessment or would just like aerial footage of your property let our team at Lands and Forests Consulting know if you would like your plan to include aerial footage.  Visit droneitphotography.ca to see the full list of aerial imagery that they offer.

Lands and Forests Consulting and Drone It use powerful modeling websites such as Drone Deploy and Pix4d to create 2D and 3D models. With these programs we are able to continuously monitor stock pile volumes and elevation of the pit.  When you get your pit compliance report done let Lands and Forests know if you are interested in aerial footage. We are able to create a plan to have your Pit modeled at weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals. Each interval will be available to view whenever you'd like and your team will be able to track the progress of your pit in the years to come.

Let Lands and Forests know if you would like aerial imagery of your property taken when you inquire about a MFTIP. We are able to have Drone It take professional imagery of your property at a discounted price. Drone It is also able to create a 2D/3D model of your property showing detailed imagery.

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