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Tree Planting

Landowners plant trees for old field restoration, wildlife habitat, aesthetics, environmental protection and future generations.  Our Staff will do a site visit to assess the property. We will recommend tree species, planting patterns and number of trees required. Landowner input is very important.

Trees Ontario provides a large subsidy for tree planting over five acres.  We strive for exceptional planting quality with high tree survival.  Over the last several years

Lands & Forests Consulting has planted in excess of one million tree seedlings.  Landowners with more than 10 acres of forest will qualify for property tax reduction under the Managed Forest Tax Incentive ProgramLands & Forests Consulting will develop a detailed site plan based on results from our initial site visit. Included in the plan is the landowner objectives, trees to be planted, size of area to be planted, soil study and any other details to be included.  When looking at species selections there are many considerations to look at when selecting a tree species to plant. Lands & Forest Consulting will take many of the following variables into account when helping you select a species.  Type of soil, potential for good growth rates, potential for mature trees to set seed,determine what local pests and/or diseases might hinder the success of the plantation, and potential for survival and establishment. 


Post plant spraying with a herbicide is one technique for the control of unwanted vegetation, that competes for water and nutrients with new tree seedlings.

Lands &Forests Consulting and our staff are fully insured and licensed. 

Mowing between the rows of trees is an alternative used by many landowners with new trees.

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