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Emerald Ash Borer

TreeAzin® Injections to Protect Ash Trees

Since 2002, millions of ash trees across North America have been killed by an invasive, wood boring beetle, the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The beetle, native to Asia, attacks and kills all species of ash found throughout the region. The abundance of ash trees across the landscape combined with a lack of natural predators has resulted in the death of over 73 million ash trees, with millions more at risk. For more information, please visit the CFIA website.

As a licensed service provider, Lands & Forests Consulting is pleased to offer treatment for EAB to landowners throughout the region using TreeAzin®, the most effective product for treatment of EAB in Canada. A systemic insecticide, TreeAzin®, is produced from extracts of the Neem tree, native to central Asia. For centuries, the unique properties of the Neem tree have been found to disrupt the growth and development of damaging insect pests. Once administered, larvae of EAB fail to develop and tree damage is significantly reduced.
T­reeAzin® is administered using a unique pressurized injection system, applying the product directly to the living tissues of the tree and spreading upward with the flow of water and nutrients. A healthy, fully flushed crown is required for effective transport throughout the tree, with early June to late August being the ideal treatment periods. It is recommended that following treatment, TreeAzin® be administered annually to provide effective protection against EAB attack and to ensure long-term health and survival of treated trees.


Treatment cost is dependent on the diameter of tree(s) to be treated. Application rates of TreeAzin® for the 2021 season are $6.25 per centimetre of diameter around the tree, measured at chest height (or 4.5 feet above the ground). Landowners can calculate an accurate diameter in centimetres by measuring the circumference at chest height in inches and multiplying by a conversion factor of 0.81. Prices do not include HST.

Spread of EAB in the region is unpredictable and often difficult to trace. It is likely new areas of infestation will be discovered annually. Landowners are encouraged to begin treatment immediately to ensure the health and quality of any ash trees. Untreated trees will almost certainly be killed as the rate of infestation increases. The cost and potential impacts associated with the removal of mature ash trees is often immense.
Please contact us with any questions or inquiries regarding caring for and protecting your ash tress. 

Please visit the BioForest website if interested in reading more on the detailed and information on the injection process.

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