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Prescribed Burn

Prescribed Burning

Lands & Forests Consulting has combined their forestry expertise and professional prescribed burn experience into an integral prescribed burn service. This applies prescribed burning in ecological, silvicultural and wildlife management restoration applications.  Lands & Forests Consulting has available a well equipped professionally trained team experienced in the aspects of prescribed burn planning. Fire intelligence, behaviour, communications, ignition, suppression and safety are all included in our professional  prescribed burn plans.

We successfully carry out many ecological and silvicultural burns in Southern Ontario each year. The remnant oak savanna and tall grass prairie habitat is a unique, yet threatened vegetation community. Lands & Forests Consulting is dedicated to the recovery of these significant ecosystems.  Initiating controlled burns of certain areas has revitalized and encouraged regeneration of provincially rare endangered oak savanna and tall grass prairie, its plant community and the ecological recovery of endangered habitat.

The resulting positive effects of Prescribed Burns in these parks are spawning new Toronto Park initiatives, which will bring many years of successes in the restoration of Toronto’s endangered Oak Savanna lands.

We use Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources prescribed burn planning methods, are fully insured and are very cost competitive.  Our staff consists of qualified Burn Bosses and trained personnel for plan development, plan execution and site evaluation. Slash pile burning operations, hazard reduction and silvicultural burns can also be arranged.

Lands & Forests Consulting have successfully completed over 400 incident-free prescribed burns across south and south central Ontario since 1998. Our company has been a leader in the urban burn program for ecological enhancement and sustainability of fire-dependent ecosystems for the last two decades. Many of those operational burns have been conducted within the urban city environment.

Although we specialize in high complexity prescribed burning, we have carried out both low and high complexity burns for a wide variety of clients which include the cities of Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Windsor, Hamilton, and Brampton. As well as organizations such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Grand River C.A, Simcoe County Forests, and Royal Botanical Gardens along with many other Conservation Authorities, County Forests, and private landowners.

We have developed our burn team from a creditable former fire staff of the OMNRF wild land fire program. As an organization, we only hire fully certified individuals trained to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources wild land firefighting standards. As most  of our burns are assessed as a high complexity we do not and cannot use low complexity RX100 burn staff and have no volunteer staff. The OMNRF Forest Fire Management Branch is a recognized national leader in wild land firefighting safety and suppression practices. We have staff trained and experienced at the highest levels possible within our core group of senior supervisors.

The Ministry of Labour has inspected our on-site operations several times and has documented accident-free safety inspections. We are fully insured with prescribed burn specific insurance, with a $5,000,000/ occurrence limit. We always provide a Certificate of Insurance noting the clients name as additional insured and will include the specific Township or Municipality if requested.

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