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Trail Management 

Lands & Forests Consulting is able to work with property owners to design a trail system that fits their needs. Our team is able to work with the landscape of your property to overcome issues such as slope and water way.  We use small hand tools and machinery that will cause little damage to the property around the trail.   

If possible we try to plan a new trail system in conjunction with a commercial harvest of some sort, not only to offset costs but to utilize the trails created by the operators completing the harvest.  

For more info about commercial harvest and our tree marking services click HERE.

Where commercial harvesting is not possible or a landowner is simply interested in a natural forest, we also provide a forest improvement service that focuses on improving the health and quality of the forest with minimal impact.  This service can provide our clients with various forest products from firewood to small logs (that could be milled to produce unique slabs).

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