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Harvest Supervision

By taking advantage of the timber marking and marketing services provided by

Lands & Forests Consulting, you have made several very important and significant steps towards ensuring that you will receive the best possible price for your timber and that your wood lot will be properly logged.

Advertising and Supervision:

You have now identified, defined and quantified exactly what it is that you are selling. The trees to be sold are marked with paint and you have a written timber summary in your possession.  We have also provided you with an approximate market value of the timber being sold.  Without knowing what a reasonable expected value is for your marked trees, you would not be able to ascertain whether or not a timber buyer’s bid is fair. If you haven’t already sought guidance on values, you should do so now. After all, you wouldn’t think of selling any other property or farm commodity without first getting a feel for the current fair market value, would you?

If you’re having your timber advertised or tendered through Lands & Forests Consulting, you are assured that all reputable timber buyers are made aware of your intention to sell. These services help ensure that there will be competition in the market place for your timber. This competition factor, plus knowing what you are selling and its approximate market value, all helps to ensure you that you will get the best possible price for your product. In the end, however, it is the market forces that determines the final value of your timber and not the estimate of Lands & Forests Consulting.

We supervise the harvesting, ensuring that operations are completed in an environmentally friendly manner, with the least negative impact on the stand.
Upon completion of the harvest a detailed report is prepared describing any damage to the harvest area, as our team at
Lands & Forests Consulting takes pride in taking the time to provide satisfaction and peace of mind.  Also once the harvest is completed we can provide a service to improve the skidder trails created by the logging operations.  Please check out out "Trail Management" section here on our website.

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