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Timber Cruising

If Timber Cruising, a more descriptive assessment is preferred, we will establish sample plots on a per stand basis. From this, detailed information can be gathered to determine species composition, volumes, stand health and other information to help you gain a better understanding of your property and it’s value.

A Timber cruise is a sample measurement of a stand that is used to determine an estimate of the amount of standing timber that the forest contains. These measurements are collected at sample locations called plots or quadrants. Each of these individual plots is one observation in a series of observations called a sample. These plots are generally laid out in some random fashion usually in the form of a line plot survey. Depending on the size of the plot and the number of plots measured, the data gathered from these plots can then be manipulated to achieve varying levels of certainty for an estimate that can be applied to the entire timber stand. This estimate of stand conditions, species composition, volume and other measured attributes of a forest system can then be used for various purposes.

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