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Forests are complex ecosystems.  

Professional assistance and the right information can help landowners make the best decisions about the care and management of their forests.

Lands & Forests Consulting is called upon every day by Municipalities, Private Landowners and Special Interest Groups to develop a unique woodlot management plan that will assist our clients in accomplishing their wildlife, environmental and other forest management goals.

The areas of Forestry that Lands & Forests Consulting specialize in are:

“I have used the services of Lands and Forests Consulting for about five years on our two 100 acre properties. They have done tree marking for timber harvests, managed the timber bids and followed up with the contractors to ensure a satisfactory result. They have prepared forest management plans to better manage the woodlots as well as reduce property taxes. We have had them cut and clear access trails throughout the woods to increase our personal enjoyment of the property. They have done multiple burns of brush and brush piles to improve our property's appearance. Currently we are working with them to do land preparations(weed control/spraying) for multiple deer food plots. We may have them use some of their equipment (disks and seed drills) to finalize these food plots.

All of the above work has exceeded our expectations!! Their staff, both field and office, are quality people, friendly and easy to work with. We look forward to working on future property improvements with everyone at Lands and Forests Consulting.”


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